Ouya: Support a new form of games console!

Right now on kick starter Ouya is looking for backers and by the thousands its getting them!

This is a games console that’s compleatly hackable, runs on Android and will have free games! Already having support from the likes of Unity and ThatGameCompany (Creators of Journey and Flower) they need you to help raise the money to make the thing.

Though at this point there already half way to their million and they’ve only just hit into the first 6 hours so Its highly likely to go ahead but if you wan’t a console I suggest you back now as you can get them for as little as $99. I’m getting on if theres any left when i get paid as this could be truly something special and I can always make my own games for it. Its using the same shipsets as the future PS4 and Xbox (insert number here) apparently so its quite a piece of kit… It even comes with its own SDK so go take a look here


Support console gaming!!!

David ‘Ryatta’ Wyatt

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About Ryatta

So about me... Well when I'm not reviewing things I'm a technical animator working in one of the UKs biggest game studios!

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  1. Excellent report David! I can’t believe they have exceeded their goal of 950 million already, with 29 days to go… kickstarter is awesome!

    • It took them a little over 9 hours, I started watching after the first hour and could not believe how fast the first round of consoles went! They had to add 5000 more.. and now they’ve added another 5 thousand… Its two weeks still till i get paid :( I wan’t one though.. for reviewing purposes of course :)

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