CamCon 2012: Banzaie’s Gaming Talk

Benzaie of That Guy With The Glasses and Blistered Thumbs fame did a little informal talk on his work for an hours which I attended.

*UPDATE – Benzaie was nice enough to point me to the making of video of Computer and Spaceman on twitter. So I’ve added that. Oh and his twitter is @Benzaie_tgwtg
You can also follow me too :) @Darida_Ryatta

I’ve recorded most of it however i missed the first question and introduction where he showed of the Mario Kart K’nex and how he originally got started in reviewing and when he joined the TGWTG site.

He also talked about his recent apperience on French TV and how Hard Corner was picked up for broadcast. But teh rest of it is in two videos.. as a 20 minute vid seemed to be pushing it. I’ve cut showings of Computer and Space man, Kinect Star Wars in 5 seconds and the Mass Efect 3 Hard Corner (Links to watch them are below the videos)

After the talk Benzaie also chatted to me about his recent video on the France Five. Being a fan of Super Sentai in general it was nice to have someone fighting the more obscure Sentai corner and France Five is a fantastic homage to the Sentai legacy!

Computer and Spaceman: A True Space Opera

Computer and Spaceman: A True Space Opera Part 2

Computer and Spaceman: A True Space Opera Finale

Computer and Spaceman: Effects video

Kinect Star Wars in 5 Seconds

Hardcorner: Mass Effect 3 Collectors Edition


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So about me... Well when I'm not reviewing things I'm a technical animator working in one of the UKs biggest game studios!

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