Command and Conquer Alliances Gameplay

So I found myself getting and invite to play the BETA of the new browser-based Command and Conquer Alliances game.

Ironically after paying around for a few hours i decided to make a video showing some of the features of the game. It plays more like a tower defence game with more strategy game like elements which makes it quite interesting. As an old school C&C fan I decided to give it a go and see how the series has changed with Tiberium Wars being the last entry in the franchise I devoted serious time to.

The game feels like a browser-based game which is great for short plays but so far it’s lacking long-term appeal to me, this mostly might be because I haven’t yet really felt a challenge from the game as well as i find myself missing the hilarious videos with the B-movie casts the series has become famous for. Really any kind of story would help drag me into the conflict and while its hard to do¬† a full video story like most regular C&C games do I would hope they try to fit in some sort of story for the full release.

While the game does try to do some new things I can’t help think that it’s just using the C&C name to cast in on the free2play trend going on right now and that really the strength of the C&C brand won’t be enough on its own to really carry this game forward, though I hope I’m wrong as there’s a lot of potential here to make something that plays out a lot like Star Sphere did, which became highly competitive when I used to play that in college.

in the future I might set up a mic to record myself as i play and you can get my thoughts as I play as opposed to after I’ve had time to think on the experience? Thoughts people?


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