Mortal Kombat: Legacy. Part 3

So today makes the end of my look at the Mortal Kombat Legacy web series, it’s been fun but next week I’ll be moving onto media anew butuntil then lets look at some fan faviurites from the MK universe.


So lets finish this little mini series as I look at the last 3 episodes of Mortal Kombat legacy. I’ll dispense with the episode recap this time as I have the episodes for viewing on the site now so I’d head there and watch them first if you’ve not already looked at them.

These last episodes focus on the most popular characters of the series and the the happenings of the clans they belong to.

Episodes 7 & 8 (Sub-Zero, Scorpion, Quan-Chi)

So this two parter was probably what most fans were waiting to see, with Sub Zero and Scorpion being the poster characters of the franchise. Though it was interesting to see what Sub-Zero would appear as given that Rebirth had Scorpion already killing the brother.. though its never revealed if it was the good of bad one.

Though the little twist of it being Quan-Chi and not Sub-Zero is a nice touch… It sets up Scorpion’s revenge plot for the tournament and essentially making him an UN-dead. Given Scorpion was always a wild card in the franchise not serving anyone but his own agenda this sets him up as an ally of sorts for Quan-Chi.

So lets look at the characters starting off with Scorpion: essentially the hero of the episodes. We get to see Scorpion pre-death and as a family man which is something that generally doesn’t get a lot of expansion into so I found this to be a refreshing change. Returning from Rebirth to again play Scorpion is Ian Anthony Dale, fresh from playing Kazuma Mishima in the (Good no matter what you all say) live action TEKKEN movie.

He gives Scorpion, still using his actual name until his death, a very real feel to him. You believe that he’s quite a family man, he loves his son and wife and why its clear that there’s some reason why his son can’t grow up to be in the same clan its never explored given Quan-Chi’s intervention, however there seems to be a very big secret and its something that will prevent his son becoming part of his can later on in life.

The focus of these episodes is really only on Scorpion and his family, while Sub-Zero appears and fights, albeit in the form of Quan-Chi (though it might not always be as other Lin Kuei ice uses around) He never gets any real development, it does seem like he appears in order to satisfy the the need for a big fight for the episodes. He only has a few lines as well which doesn’t help his case, Quan-Chi speaks more then him and his part in this is really only a slightly expanded cameo akin to how Shane Tsung appeared in Johnny Cage’s episode.

It would have been nice to have some back story on the Lin Kuei or even just Sub-Zero however the focus is clearly on the core family and I have to admit that side of it is done really well. After the fight between the two Scorpion returns to find him family frozen and its a heart breaking scene that Dale really manages to sell. It even threw me completely off guard when I expected him to rush off for revenge his dis pear allows them to sneak up n him and kill him as well. Were also given a little hint that the kid planned to try and save his mother, grabbing his kunai and rope when the Kuei broke in however its left unclear as to what actually happened, if he fought and was killed or stayed hidden and was found, either way though the family had to die to create the character of Scorpion.

As mentioned before there is only one major fight scene for the episode… the clash of Scorpion and Sub-Zero. The is a half technical battle and half a special effects bonanza, obviously Subzero makes use of his ice abilities and Scorpion gets to use his spear. The actual fighting however is a mix of complex kicks and punches which is fought as a much slower pace to either Jax or Johnny Cage’s fights. The special effects are kept to a minimal usage and because of that are actually very effective.

I think something that does need mentioning is the costumes for the main 3 MK characters. I do like Scorpions costume, the mask not so much which feels like a call back to the awful Reptile mask from the original Mortal Kombat Movie. Sub-Zero’s costume I actually don’t like, though I understand the design choices to led to it however. I think fur just looks out of place as part of the costume, though it takes its idea from real life tribes that live in article landscapes but it just doesn’t feel like an assassin’s garb. This finally leads me to Quan-Chi. While I don’t have a problem with the character I think once again the problem lies with the idea of grounding the character in the real world. I think pale white characters work well as big muscle bound men like Kratos from God of War of how Quan-Chi (as well as everyone else) is shown in the games. However here we have a borderline anorexic Quan-Chi when the make-up just makes him seem slightly frail.. though again this might be what you expect from an all powerful sorcerer.

So that’s the Scorpion arc of the series. All in all I think it does a god job of making Scorpion someone you can sympathise with, now this isn’t a complete character change like in Johnny Cage’s case but its good to see the background of the character really expanded on really seeing what he was put through. It does set him up well as a potential lead of the future movie in the same way that he was one of the leads of the Rebirth pitch. We get to see that there’s actually a lot to show off and explore with this character as well as the revelations that are to come for him in the future. I can just hope that Dale continues on playing the character as he really embodies the character well!

Episode 9 (Sector & Cyrax)

The finale episode of the series was originally delayed and kept to be premièred at a con event. Though this may have been a way to buy more time for the episode as this is the most CG based episode of the series and nicely comes full circle from the original Jax arc where we saw the exoskeletons being developed.

This episode introduces us to Sector and Cyrax. And in a move that ironically copied what Mortal Kombat 9 would go on to also do it introduces us to these characters while still human, showing their thoughts on what’s about to happen to them. Time line wise its not clear how much time has passed since that last episode but the Lin Kuei have now gone into their robot transformation arc which Sub Zero (or the younger one at least) rebelled against. But anyway there’s no way of knowing if that happened in the Legacy universe.

Anyway the little opening conversation between Sector and Cyrax is quite interesting, while Cyrax seems to be fully loyal to the clan and is still willing to go through with the the ‘operation’ to be turned into a cyborg he’s clearly against it and sees the turning the clan members into cyborgs a bad thing. Sector on the other hand actually believes that this is al for the god of the clan and is perfectly willing to go through with the process. In the recent game Cyrax actually attempts to run from the clan like Smoke and Sub-Zero would go onto.

So the main body of the episodes consists of two major fights while the cyborg-ing process taking place between the two, the first fight hows off that both Cyrax and Sector are high level fighters and killers. Its not a bad fight scene, fitting into the lines of the Scorpion and Sub-Zero’s fight its not as technically profound as Johnny Cage’s (Matt Mullins is the best technical martial artist of the series) episode but still fun to watch. Though its only purpose is to really set up the future fight.

After the two of them are turned into cyborgs they are put up against another cyborg… possibly robot as its never actually explained but this is where we see something truly special. The CG fight of the 3 of them is filled with partial arts that’s inhumanly possibly and really ends up being a real sceptical to watch. While the compositing isn’t perfect though this is probably more because of the available budget for the episode the camera matching is actually very well done and you can loose yourself into thinking their all real as the fight goes on.

All in all its really an episode that feels more like fan service and the series going out on a high note as its likely that with a full movie now in production WB wont be returning to the web series. There is actually very little development of Sector and Cryax themselves as as after their little chat in the van they fight and are converted to cyborgs. The Lin Kuei Grand Master is introduced but is really just shown for making the episode seem grander in scale as you learn nothing about him overall.

Credit should go to managing to still humanising the two fighters despite it being done in predictable means, you do actually care for them as they find seem to sustain a high amount of damage during the first half of the robot fight. Mostly more for Cyrax given the initial conversation makes him more relate able then the stone cold killer the Sector seems to be.

But that’s Mortal Kombat Legacy complete, when the new film eventually comes out I’ll be sure to do something for it as for all the misses the that the web series had overall it did also have a ton of great moments and was very enjoyable. I just hope they keep the cast for the most part.. they can bring in bigger names for other parts but I feel that casting for Scorpion and cage especially were spot on and I’d hate to see them played by others at this point.


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