One the WTF side of April Fools

So i wanted to share my favourite april fool joke that i found yesterday.

While i generally find myself sarching through all the video game based media to see what we’ve been thrown this year my favourite one this time was taken by a Power Rangers perfume… or Morphume as they call it…

Coming in 5 scents (one for each ranger) and having the ability to be mixed to create your own scent I actually think these thinsg would be pretty cool. For one teh bottles look well designed as corney as the concept is. i’m sure the’d have no real market value aside from hard core collectors… it’d probably be more a a turn off wearing the stuff but its fun.. as april fools should be!

Theres 5 descriptions like this. all equally cheesy.. unleash your inner Dragon, Tiger, Turtle et one for each ranger and matching folding zord.. I’m sure going by elements and not animals might have made it sound a bit cooler but still its April Fools so how much do we really care :)

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