Articles coming up!…soon

So as mentioned in a post a few days ago I’ve been writing a few articles in between my LXD reviews, these are finished now for the most part and I’m awaiting their posting up on their respective sites. But so you know what you have to look forward to in the weeks here’s a list of what I’ve written which will be appearing soon:


Resident Evil: Finding the fear —– (A look at how the games use horror to great effect and hows its evolved… or not in some cases)

Legend of the Guardians: A modern kids films that’s old school —– (Looking at the legend of the guardians film and how this break the mold on what kids films should be, and once were)

5 must see Japanese shoes for those who grew up on Power Rangers —– (As the title suggests a bit of an eye opener if you grew up on the Rangers and want to see something more adult but similar)

Kamen Rider Decade VS Kaizoku Sentai Gokaiger —– (A look at these two anniversary series that aim for your at evoking nostalgia and why the succeed or fail)

Hugo: from an animator’s perspective —– (A review of the 2011 film Hugo, does it hold up to the hype?)

So now you know what to look forward to.. oh year and the LXD part 3… that’s coming by the end of this week to! So check back or like the site on FaceBook to get updates.



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So about me... Well when I'm not reviewing things I'm a technical animator working in one of the UKs biggest game studios!

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  1. Ooooo, Ultraseven X, I had to drag myself to finish watching that. Too dark & drab for me. I would rather watch Mebius. Can’t wait for the other toku-related reviews!

  2. Ultraseven X will be on my top 5 list, along with a complete series review at some point, though I will do a first episode look as well in detail, however it was a bit hit or miss… there are a lot of comparisons to Torchwood which I’ll bring up when i get around to it

    • That is true it’s similar to Torchwood, since I watch that series. It just wasn’t my thing I guess. It’s sad that it’s hard to find any subs for Ultra-series now. Ultra Galaxy was also a ppv & that applies to some others since they aren’t subbed or got dropped.

  3. We finally got your Resident Evil: Finding the fear article published Ryatta!

    Thanks for the great piece, and your support!

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