The LXD Season 1 Review: Part 2

Moving onto the middle episodes of the series for the second part of the LXD season 1 review , this time I’m looking at episodes 5-7. Introducing more characters to the series and expanding on what we know from the first couple of stories.


As before all episodes of this show can be watched on or if your not in America its downloadable on Itunes. Anyway welcome to the LXD Season 1 Review Part 2.

— Episode 5: The Lettermakers

As expected this episode focuses on the mysterious letter makers who are responsible for the invitations that our heroes have received previously in the first 2 episodes. What were introduced to is not a couple of people at a desk with a type writer but a couple of guys krumping. Essentially all the episode does is show them having a dance off against each other and writing the letters, but as with most episodes its in it’s visual style that it adds far more. All this takes place that resembles a traditional 17th century Samurai like dojo, while very modernised; it all creates a feeling of a deep spirituality within the dance they perform to harness their power (again something that won’t be explored on until later seasons). Given their great title and spiritual strength its not hard to see that these two men have a very high position within the LXD, this could be seen as a prequel to the other episodes that come before as it may have all be in preparation for recruiting the new recruits to the LXD. The letter making itself also eludes to something dance like and spiritual in the calligraphy style the letters are written with, you could almost say painted.

As for the dancing in the episode well it feels very improvised, as krumping does, its a form of expressing emotion through emotion and its look reflects the individual person performing and what they do if full on strong stiff movements, inferring their great strength and restraint. Aside from the unfortunately not much actually happens, its a bit more of the lore into the LXD but as a standalone episode it really gives us very little other then saying; ‘there’s are the letter makers, their tough’.

— Episode 6: Duet

Duet is very easily the most beautiful episode of season 1 in terms of dance and narrative, yet there really is no narrative to it as such. The story is two people going to meet up, that is actually all there is to it. Our two protagonists of the episode, a man and woman, in different apartments perform a dance ‘together’. Getting up in time, dancing in time and even co-coordinating with each other. Its magical to watch, and its really a must watch, and it really shows that there is a deep romantic connection between them. The dance goes through from getting up, getting dressed and heading out together until they meet up; and up until that point there is no dialogue, just a piece of classical music that covers the whole thing from start to finish. Not even any sounds effects make it into the piece, its just one long video, while its not one long cut it does feel like it as every shot flows so well from one two the next, there’s even a very inventive use of slip screen to show how their movements are perfectly in sync with each other.

The dancing is very contemporary and feels like a very ballroom piece almost. Perfect harmony between the partners without even being with each other. The choreography is nothing short of amazing and flows so well, you really believe that these two are in love with each other and the real kicker is right at the end of the episode when you find out that their actually not a couple and after everything that has come before it actually feels tragic, and that’s something that the dance creates in the viewer, you get an emotional connection in believing in these two are in love and is devastating when you find, as with most tragic love stories, that they can’t be together.

— Episode 7: The Dark Doctor Deal

The Dark Doctor Deal follows on from the end of episode 3, its the first time we see actual powers being used as the Doctor uses his power to take control of the nurse who helped Sp3imen escape before. Retreating to her apartment to part and run the Doctor turns up, barges in an begins to take control of her. He essentially begins to control her movements like a puppeteer, and she follows his commands, at first without intention however as the episode progresses he begins to control her mind to and the episode ends with her being completely re programmed and under the Doctors control. We also see flash backs from episode 3 and learn that the nurse (Autumn) was Sp3imen’s wife but when he died she gave him to the Doctor as he could revive him but with the terms that Sp3cimen work for him, however she betrayed him tell him about the LXD, hence her current situation.

The dance is more popping then the roboting from before it works very well in making her seem under the control of the Doctor. The Doctor himself moves around her exerting his control over her, plucking at the strings he’s creating. Its very well done and you see the woman you knew before drip away as time goes on in the nuances in the movement of other parts of her body not being directly controlled. That’s all the dance is, but its a nice representation of how the powers work through dance, and the examples become more stylistic as the show goes on.

So that’s it for part 1, while not the best episodes of the series Duet in fantastic and the stand out episode of these episodes and in its beauty the best of the season, so if you only watch one of these episodes watch that one. Anyway see you in part 3 where I’ll conclude the review looking at the last 3 episodes and the epilogue.


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