Power Rangers Samurai: Clash of the Red Rangers The Movie

Following on from my review of the first episode of Power Rangers RPM’s first episode review; seemed fitting to cover what at this point may well be the last appearance of the RPM rangers. Now before I start I have more than a few issues with this ‘film’, however my issues are personal but the issues are justifiable, even to me but I’ll get to those later.

Clash of the Red Rangers is a team up TV movie between the RPM Red Ranger (Ranger Operator Series Red in the shows terminology) and Power Rangers Samurai, only Series Red RPM ranger and the RPM ultrazord appear aside from some of Vendrix’s army, however aside from grinders the villain is a new character. The movie is a mash up of 2 Super Sentai movies; the Samurai Sentai Shinkenger movie, Shinkenger vs. Go-Onger and new American footage.













This is the general synopsis of the story, feel free to skip if you’ve seen it:

The movie starts off in the dimension where RPM takes place the RPM Rangers face off against a giant Vendrix robot (names Professor Cog) in a stand-off, pretending to lose to the Rangers he escapes daring Series Red to follow him into a new dimension that he intends to pollute like their world in. In the Samurai world (which I assume is the ‘real’ world in terms of PR series) the Samurai Rangers are facing a shark monster which get the upper hand of the 6 of them, however mid battle he dries out, forcing him to retreat back to his world through a crack to the Sanzu River. Professor Cog, having now arrived in the Samurai world tails the monster to gain access to the Sanzu River and Master Xandred by extension.

Arriving on Master Xandred’s boat; Professor Cog explains that he wishes to take some of the evil water from the river to use to poison the people of Corinth city back in the RPM dimension, in return for this he is prepared to use his army of grinders he has brought with him to destroy the Samurai Rangers in this world. With a deal struck between the two parties he sets off to attack the rangers while the shark monster recovers in the river.

The grinders get the 5 core Samurai Rangers attention (by way of throwing a car at them.. awesome!) and a battle ensues, the Samurai’s superior skill does not count for much as their weapons have no effect of the metal bodies of the grinders, they seem to be in a never ending battle until RPM Red shows up to help them out. His weapons are tailored to fight the grinders so he has little trouble dealing damage, however he constantly rushes between Samurai Rangers as he fights and attacks regardless of who they are attacking leading them to be distrustful of him after the battle.

The Rangers take Scott (RPM Red) back to their base, while still distrustful of him as he refuses to de morph he eventually explains that while he can de morph he is unsure if his lungs can breath in the natural oxygen of the planet any more as he’s lived for years in the polluted oxygen of his world. Else where Antonio is attacked by the grinders, upon hearing of the attack Scott takes Mentor Ji’s bike and rushes to his rescue as he, like the other Samurai’s finds his weapons have little effect on the grinders bodies.

General Cog shows up to the fight, followed soon by the other 5 Samurai’s, however the fight still does not go into their favour, the two Red Rangers are hit by a series of bolts, and in an attempt to send the Red’s into the RPM dimension he opens a portal and send it at them, however the other 5 rangers block the portal and in the resulting explosion are all sucked in while the Red’s are blasted into the sea.

Else where general Cog explains to master Xandred that the bolts he hit the Red’s with will drive them against each other so they won’t be a problem; so they prepare their armies to invade, while back at the Samurai base Jayden and Scott argue and race off separately on horseback and motorbike when word of the attack comes. They continue to fight each other even while fighting off grinders while eventually revealing that Ji had earlier noticed the effects of the bolts and cured them of it while they pretended to be under the effects and shoot each other using the same trick Cog used at the start of the movie.











The two red’s use advanced powers to fight off the grinder forces, along with a car to match when the grinders turn into bikes, and with the return of the other Samurai Rangers they ride on horseback to fight off Xandred’s army. RPM red and the Gold Samurai head to take on the generals of the army, eventually stopped when the car breaks down Jayden turns up and uses the powers of his Shark Sword to enter an even more powerful mode and destroy what’s left of the army. The general becomes a giant and the Samurai’s use their zords to fight and destroy him for good. With that the Samurai’s see Scott off to his home world and with a few final words he leaves and the film ends.

So that’s the movie, and that in itself is the films biggest problem, its not a movie at all, its not even an extended special like the TURBO movie, its a two part episode that has serious continuity issues. With the title of the movie suggesting that the focus of it is the Red Rangers then it should come as no surprise that the other 5 ranges don’t get any attention on them, but they don’t even get an introduction that would would expect from a special, Outside of them only the Gold ranger gets his own scene as he’s attacked out in the open… which is ultimately pointless as his actor (Steven Skyler) isn’t even in the movie, he’s removed from the credits and played and voiced by a double., so why even give him an UN-morphed scene? The other rangers suffer even worse, while outside of Professor Cog the Samurai monsters cycle as the story goes on.

The setting of the film needs to be looked at, the movie is clearly part of the canon of the series, however it takes place during the upcoming season of the show (Power Rangers Super Samurai), which means there’s an abundance of Dues Es Machina at this point in time as every upgrade and zord that appears is out of nowhere, The Super Samurai and RPM modes, the Gold Rangers shield like accessory. The shark sword and Zord (the sword levels the whole army in seconds! Jayden is also sporting a new hair cut which I hate… a much ore minor issue there though. It reminds me of the Digimon movie, like this it was a mash up of 3 Japanese Digimon movies that was built into one major movie in America, and like here they were tasked with creating a narrative that works between the 3 films. While in this case Bandai is free to chop parts from the movies they need switch to fit as they need, while also being able to shoot their own footage to fit in-between. However to Digimon’s credit they never attempted to fit everything in the 3rd part of the film (that takes place 4 years later) where they show off all sorts of Dues Es Machina powers that pop up but never show up either in the show or only on a special occasion and in the film there is no explanation of where they need to come from. In Samurai, and especially when its being shown on TV alongside the other series you can’t just pull everything out of nowhere and expected it to be accepted… well maybe as its still a kids show so I could just be taking it too far.









Its nice that they separate the RPM world by making it a separate dimension to the standard universe, a lot of fans argue about if the show is in current continuity due to cameos of other ranger gear throughout the RPM show so its a nice way to include it to get the cross over episode (I’m now gonna just call it an episode as its really all it is!) But its never explored how they travel through the dimension… Cog and RPM red arrive through a subway train while the other rangers are sent there via portal. What is the point of the subway, how does it even make sense.. dimensions travelled by subway?

As mentioned before only RPM Red makes an appearance in the episode, and not at any point is he UN-morphed. Given that they couldn’t afford to get Eka Darville over seas to shoot the episode. However RPM Red’s voice actor Tobias Reiss is believed to be Eka Darville’s alias, and he does like Eka, so at least they got the voice of RPM and did a clever explanation of why Scott can’t de-morph.

The story its self never really hits any hight pint, while there is a lot of action, because they’ve taken the top to climatic battles from 2 films there is no 1 epic piece, it also feels rushed as characters have to be written out as one scene features only the 2 reds while the other horseback battle includes only the 5 core samurai so RPM red and Samurai Gold need to be written out of that scene before Samurai red can come to their rescue to activate his second Dues Ex Machina of the film the shark sword that effectively destroys everything while RPM Red is left fixing a broken car… it actually ends a bit anti climactic over all. Though that statement kinda sums up everything about the whole ‘film’, given the popularity of RPM I really felt if it was to be done it should have been done well, not like this, not borrowing footage from other Sentai movies when other cross overs didn’t need to, and the money saved by using the footage surely could have been used to bring actual RPM actors the set? Its just not good enough and I hope that sort it in future seasons.. though I’m not expecting anything from Super Samurai, hopefully after if we’re lucky.


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  1. I’ve always been afraid to watch this cause I’ve seen the Shinkenger vs Go-onger movie before. Sounds not too bad. For a crossover, I mean. They haven’t done cross-overs in ages. I wish RPM kept the car voices, that was always funny to watch. I guess I need to go watch that Shinkenger movie since I have it & this soon.

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